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TUSK Editions

TUSK Editions #5

Back with number 5 and a brand new Bill Orcutt album plus a long track from the wondrous Shunyata Improvisation Group, a mix from the great TQN-aut label and a ‘blind improv’ duet from Nichola Scrutton and Manuel Padding, and much more!

TUSK Editions #4

TUSK Editions #4 is here! Your big fat slab of new music this month is comprised of Otomo Yoshihide’s turntables+guitar set at TUSK 2018, mastered by Sam Grant (BLANK Studios/Pigsx7), a spacey new escapist opus from Northumberland’s great St James Infirmary entitled Astrodynamics, the ‘blind improv’ of Tina Krekels & Rebecca Mahay and a 35min tracklist from the great PAGANS label. Plus writings on Reynols, Fire-Toolz, Suzanne Ciani, Rojin Sharafi, Inspector Fogg and July’s TUSK TV host, Cath Tyler.

TUSK Editions #3

This month we bring you The Rolling Calf’s intense live set from TUSK 2019; A Tyke In Tusks – Ian McMillan’s wonderful voice responded to by Claire Rousay, Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, Charmaine Lee, Posset, Yol and many more; and an amazing mix from MARSM’s Christina Hazboun, plus Stewart Smith’s extensive interview with The Rolling Calf and much more..

TUSK Editions #2

Over 2 hours of exclusive new music and much more – Sarah Hennies’ first piece for orchestra, Falling Together, amazing recording of Albanian isopolyphonic ensemble Grupi Lab live at TUSK 2019, trans-continental mix from the great Syrphe label and a blind improv piece from Firas Khnaisser and Grant Smith.
Plus writing on Divide & Dissolve, KeiyaA, the Bohman Brothers, Graham Vasey and much more.

TUSK Editions #1

The first issue of TUSK Editions – over 2 hours of exclusive music including an amazing Jim O’Rourke archival recording, the first duo album by Bishop/Rezaei, an intercontinental Hive Mind Records mix and the ‘blind improv’ recording by Greg Kelley and Joyce Whitchurch, plus the full 42-page full colour digital magazine including Stewart Smith’s extensive conversation with William Parker and much more..